NDIS Positive Behaviour Therapy

Unlock a Better Life with Positive Behaviour Support

At Matrix Healthcare, we champion Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) not only as a disability support service, but also as a powerful tool to enhance the quality of life for people experiencing behavioural challenges.
Positive Behaviour Support - NDIS Positive Behaviour Therapy
Here’s how PBS can benefit you:

Why Choose Matrix Healthcare for PBS in Melbourne?

We are resolved to providing high-quality PBS to our clients across Melbourne. Our highly experienced team of professionals is trained in modern evidence-based strategies that can help to foster behaviour changes. Here’s why you should choose us:

Dedicated to Empowering You with Effective Strategies

We believe in empowering our clients with strategies that help them modify behavioural difficulties. Our PBS plan is derived from proven empirical behavioural sciences, focusing on understanding the reasons behind behaviours and using positive reinforcement to encourage change.

Comprehensive, Collaborative and Consistent

We take a comprehensive approach to PBS, which means we work closely both with you and your support network. This approach supports ongoing improvements, as the people around you are also onboard and so better understand how to consistently support and reinforce positive behaviours.

Turn Challenges into Opportunities with Matrix Healthcare

We invite you to experience the transformational benefits of PBS and start your journey towards positive change with Matrix Healthcare – your trusted partner in disability support services in Melbourne.
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